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Our equipment is modular and serves a multitude of combinations of assembly lines, we assemble your packaging production line according to your company's needs, our equipment is robust to meet a workload of 24 hours without interruption.
We manufacture machines for all types of packaging, such as stump and beam pallets, packaging boxes, cable reels, etc.
We develop special projects according to the client's needs, we work with the best engineering software and qualified personnel for the development of your project.
Our software is completely national and developed by our company.
We work with high quality components in our equipment, thus giving the security that our client needs.
We use certified steel and cut in the latest equipment, such as waterjet laser and high definition plasma.
Our equipment is 100% manufactured in Brazil, which facilitates maintenance and understanding of the system.
We work with high quality components with a very long service life, thus guaranteeing the customer high durability and safety equipment.
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