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The Equippallet

Equippallet was founded in 1997 with the purpose of manufacturing sawmill machines. In 2000, seeing the need of the market, we also specialized in the production of pallet machines, where today we have several types of modular equipment for woodworking.

Today Equippallet is a company dedicated to the manufacture of machines for the pallet and sawmill industry, standing out for bringing robustness and high technology in its equipment. Our company is the only one in Brazil with the technical knowledge to develop automatic equipment for pallet assembly and wood packaging, thus ensuring the customer up to four days maintenance of equipment purchased from our company.

Our equipments are of totally national manufacture thus giving the total confidence to our client not to be buying an imported and obsolete equipment.

We have qualified partners to supply the finished steel with waterjet or laser cutting.

Our machining area today has modern equipment and latest generation in the production of parts for our equipment. Our goal is to be completing by 2019 our new 4,500 square meter factory area where we will have a new machining area, large manufacturing area, exclusive area for assembling painted equipment, warehouse, electrostatic painting booth and drying ovens, living room assembly and programming of electrical panels, training area for our employees etc.

We work with brands of quality and reliability. Our equipment is robust thus ensuring high productivity and very low maintenance.

Our equipment is simple to maintain where anyone with a little knowledge can safely adjust and operate it.

We use easily accessible materials of national standard in our equipment.

Our goal is not to sell a piece of equipment, but to sell the solution your company needs, bringing production, safety and return on investment.

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