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Assembly line LT411300.

The LT411300 automated line was developed to work with wooden pallets, up to 1300 x 1300 mm. second.

The system has an advanced control panel where all nailing positioning, nail counting, pallet counting are performed on a 7'' Touch screen. The system also has an advanced security system in accordance with current regulations. Production can reach 170 pallets per hour depending on the type and model to be manufactured.



Technical Data.


Total engine 35 hp.

Maximum opening 1300 mm.

Maximum height of pallets170 mm.

Maximum length of pallets 1300 mm

Nailing positioning through Equippallet Software and 7-inch Touch Screen.

Robust and versatile equipment.

Pallet assembly complete with nailing and finishing line.

Modular machines allowing various configurations.

Enclosed nailing heads for operator protection.

It works with Pinus and Eucalyptus wood.

Production of up to 170 pieces per hour.

One operator and five assistants are required for operation.

Dimensions, length 35200 mm, width 2500 mm, height 3300 mm.



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