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PR6000 robotic packaging nailing center.

Automatic nailing center for wooden packaging such as Pallets, Boxes, Coils for cables, Bed Box.



Technical Data.


Servo motor on X axis.

Servo motor on Y axes.

Pneumatic moving Z axis.

Reinforced monobloc chassis.

Gantry movement supported by state-of-the-art bearings and linear guides.

Pinion and rack transmission.

Working area, height 180 mm, length 6000 mm, width 1500 mm.

With nailing tool (pneumatic nailing tools).

Positioning of nails, with a system of cords.

Control of nails, by special Equippallet software.

Operating two people.

Independent pressure control.

Automatic nail counter as soon as the roll of nails runs out, the machine stops and after changing the roll, the machine continues where it left off.

Machine tilted at 52 degrees to facilitate feeding and removal of finished packages.

Production of up to 2000 pieces per hour.


Watch the video: PR6000

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